Low-tech assistive tools for workers with disabilities could be home-made if purchasing them is not an option where you live. If you have other simple ideas that would help a person with disability keep working, please let us know.

An A Frame Tool Holder

Add On Shovel Holders

Backboard Tool Organizer

Bucket Dolly

Bunngee Cords

Custom-made Gloves/Mittens for Hand Amputees

Evaporative Cooling Neck Wear

Grain Grabber Shovel

Head-Band Flashlight

HERShovel(tm) Shovel-Spade Hybrid for Women

Hoist & Pulley

Homemade Rolling Workbench

Homemade Sliding Door Opener

ICEtrekkers Shoe Traction System

Jib Crane

Knee Pad Pants

Ladder-Top Walk-Through Railings

Log Tongs

Long Handled Tool Rack

Long-Handled Tool Leverage Booster

Lowered Switches, Outlets, and Windows

Magnetic Holder

Magnetic Nail Holder

Nail Starter

One Hand Staple Driver

Painted Wrenches ID Assist

Rolling Toolbox

Rope Pulley Door Closer

Rubber Footing Mats

Screw, Nail, & Bolt Holder

Shop De-Light

Shovel Handle Extension

Spring Hammer Branch/tool balancer

Step Stool Wth Hand Holds

Table Height Adjusters

Table Top Cutter

The Rung Step Ladder Step Extension


Weight-and-Pulley Indicator

Wing-Nut Tool

Winter Leg Warmers

Workshop Ceiling Track System