Rebar Steps

Rebar Shaped Into A Rebar Step Stool With Grab Bar

This rebar step stool with grab handle is constructed of welded steel rebar. It is 15-inches long, 10-inches wide, and 10-inches tall. It helps farm workers with leg impairments climbing up to reach items on a high shelf, or climbing up steps on equipment. The grab bar makes the stool easy to move without bending down to lift. The grab bar gives stability while standing and help to pull up onto the step. 20-feet of rebar was used to build the step.

Rebar can be brittle, so it should only have gentle bends. If a sharper corner is needed, it should be cut and welded back together as shown in the second image below. The step stool frame was made by bending 2 ”U” shapes with 10-inch legs and 15-inch runners and 2 “U” shapes with 10-inch legs and 10″ runners. The “U” legs were welded together so the runners formed a rectangle. Cross bars welded across the runners formed the step, and a 40-inch-tall “U” makes the grab bar.

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