Low-tech assistive tools for workers with disabilities could be home-made if purchasing them is not an option where you live. If you have other simple ideas that would help a person with disability keep working, please let us know.

Arm Support Gardening Tools

Bucket Carrying Aid

Cushioned Bucket Handle

Easy Grip Gardening Tools

Easy Grip Hand Tools

Finger Control Trigger Device

Hand Grip With Fabric Strap

Fist Grip Hand Wrap

Hoe Handle Grip Jeans

Homemade Bagging Grip Aid

Homemade Fabric Wrap Gripping Aid

Homemade Hand Grip Hook

Lever Gripping Splint

Mighty Handle Carrying Device

Phubby On-Wrist Cellphone Holder

Poultry Processing Funnel

Robo Handle

Tool Handle Grip Tape

Velcro Grip Gloves

Weight Lifting Hook Grips