Low-tech assistive tools for workers with disabilities could be home-made if purchasing them is not an option where you live. If you have other simple ideas that would help a person with disability keep working, please let us know.

Broadfork Tillage Tools

Chest Kneeler Support System

Double Wheel Hoe

Garden-Crop Identification System

Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Bed

Garden Seat

Garden Hod

Garden Kneeler & Seat

Garden Perimeter Marking System

Garden Rocker Seat

Grain Drill Seed-Level Indicator

Homemade Golf Cart Garden Tool Carrier

Homemade Pumpkin Lifter

Homemade PVC Pipe Garden Planter

Homemade Single-Arm Gardening Equipment

Homemade Stand Up Seed Planter

Leverage-Enhanced Garden Tools

Mulch Materials Weed Control

One Handed Garden Tool Handle

Planter Access Ladder

Plastic Pipe Set Planter

Pole Mounted Fruit Picker

Protective Pruning Sleeve

Radius Garden Ergonomic Garden Tools

Raised Bed

Real Wheel Hoe

Sack Gardens

Seed Tapes

Stand-N-Plant Seeder

Weed And Brush Puller