Low-tech assistive tools for workers with disabilities could be home-made if purchasing them is not an option where you live. If you have other simple ideas that would help a person with disability keep working, please let us know.

Acrylic Convex Safety Mirrors

Bale Hook Extenders

Bucket Dolly

Easy Fence Wire Unroller

EZ Climb Thru Gate

Four Person Pro Lifter Straps

Gate Holder

Gate Wheel

Gearshift and Throttle Lever Extensions

Hand-Operated Gear Shifter

Handy Tote Hands-Free Carrier

Hay Dolly

Heater/Air Conditioner Control Knob Extensions

Hitch Mounted Two Wheel Dolly Materials Mover

Hitch Spotter and Portable Tongue Stand

Homemade Bale Dolly

Homemade Clutch Pedal Stirrup

Homemade Dimple Board

Homemade Fence-Wire Tightener

Homemade Firewood Carrier Pallet

Homemade Gate Catcher

Homemade Sledge Hammer Log Splitter

Homemade Sloped Manure Tray

Homemade Two-Wheeled Log Fork

Leaf Clean Up Tarp

Leaf Grabbers

Leather Tool Belt Shoulder Support System

Lend-A-Hand Forearm Assistive Device

Loader Bucket Hitching Blocks

Manal Round Bale Hay Knife

Lend-A-Hand Forearm Assistive Device

Manual Wood-Post Puller

Mounting Block

People Gate

Pickup Hitch Mounted Work Platform

Pool Ladder Fence Stile

Ratchet Gate Fastener

Rope Sheet Handler

Self-Draining Water Line

Sling Style Firewood Carrier

Small-Square-Bale Carrier

Step In Fence Post Handle

Tractor Shade Canopy

Wagon Quick Hitch

Wheelchair-Mounted Fishing Pole Holder

Wood Cutting Stand