Low-tech assistive tools for workers with disabilities could be home-made if purchasing them is not an option where you live. If you have other simple ideas that would help a person with disability keep working, please let us know.

Animal Hook

Calf Cradle

Calf Sled

Cattle Guard

Chicken/Rabbit Tractor

Freestanding Portable Fence Panels

Hog Tractors

Homemade Castration Station

Homemade Chicken Tractor
Mover Push Bar

Homemade Feed Bunk Cover Lifter

Calf Cart

Lamb/Kid Carrier

Layer Nests

Livestock Headlock

Game Carcass Processing Cradle

Moveable Calf Scale

Pig Holder

Piglet Processing Cradle

Poultry Killing Cone

Rolling Goat Feeder

Rolling/Sliding Livestock Feeder

Sheep/Goat Sort Gate

Sheep Chair

Sloped Meat Cutters Rail

Straight Line Fence Walk-Thru Gate

Strap on Milk Stools