Homemade ID Assist Painted Wrenches

Painted Wrenches ID Assist

Impairment:  Visual.

Painted Wrench Identification System

With his Painted Wrench Identification System, Pennsylvania dairyman Rodney Byers is able, at a glance, to find (and put back) the ones that he needs.  Assigning the various common sizes a specific color, he painted each in that group that color—e.g., all 1/2-inch wrenches (and sockets) are red; all 9/16-inchers are green, etc.

Source:  Adapted from Hoard’s Dairymen Magazine (July 2022)

   Rodney Byers, Pennsylvania

   Est. cost:  Nominal

Photo link:  From Ned’s e-mail

Video link:  None found

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