Pumpkin Lifter

The pumpkin/squash lifter helps people who cannot bend down to pick up melons, squash, and other bulky items from the ground. It is built with conduit and pitchfork tines. It is a piece of ¾-inch metal conduit 36-inches long with a 6-inch bend in it. We spread the tines of a pitchfork wider and slightly up so the make a slight bowl shape. We slid rubber hose over the tines, so they are soft on the melons. The pitchfork tines are bolted into the conduit. An arm support handle is clamped on with hose clamps to give better control with one arm. It works very well picking up watermelons and cantaloupe. The handle can be lengthened, or the angles changed to make it more comfortable for individual workers. A cutter could be added on it for clipping the pumpkin vines in the future.

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